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Eating Out... Restaurant Review: VinyasaFrom London’s celebrated Brick Lane – with all the attendant hassle – to the quiet of Edinburgh’s St Mary’s Street in three days.The difference is marked. Vinyasa was streets ahead in sophistication, style and service.

And yes, Brick Lane and Vinyasa are both worth visiting. The new Edinburgh restaurant is ideally placed just off Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile.
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Ducks Restaurant at Kilspindie House Hotel

Eating Out... Restaurant Review: Ducks Restaurant at Kilspindie House Hotel Ducks at Kilspindie House has recently introduced a new head chef, Allesandro Grillo, and a new sous chef, Alan Contigiani, adding a new dimension.

The Italian-born duo both have experience in Michelin-starred kitchens and Allesandro looked to his roots when he created a new menu for the atmospheric restaurant.
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A Nightingale Sang, and it’d Make Anyone Whistle

Drink... Taste Test: A Nightingale Sang, and it’d Make Anyone WhistleCards on the table, I am a fan of Greenall’s gin. Their basic stuff just marketed as Greenall’s is a good, honest, no nonsense bottle the equal (or better) of many bigger brand names.

Bloom, the (unsurprisingly given the name) floral offering created by their master distiller Joanne Moore manages to innovate without losing touch with what a gin should be. And Berkeley Square takes things one step further.
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Knorr Gravy Pots

News... Taste Test: Knorr Gravy PotsA certain snobbishness exists among foodies with regard to their personal gravy-making skills. I am no different and I have always insisted on making it from the juices of the meat being cooked, mixing in cornflour and blending it with any extraneous meat chunks, prior to serving from a traditional ‘boat’.

Naturally, stock cubes have been in existence for more years than I care to recall, just as I am fully aware of my grandmother using ‘gravy browning’ that came in a glass bottle
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Heinz Hot Sauces

Taste Test... Heinz Hot Sauces There have been a few new sauces that have found their ways into the Robertson family larder in recent months. Much of the logic for their arrival is contained by a premise that we have all become slightly weary about applying either HP (brown) or Heinz (red) sauces to whatever we might be eating at any given time.

To be fair, those bottles used to get dragged out on fish and chips nights along with the salt and malt vinegar, in a customary ritual that used to necessitate cleaning the old glass bottle necks in the days prior to the arrival of squeezable alternatives.
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Spirit of the Age – Bacardi Oakheart

News... Taste Test: Spirit of the Age – Bacardi OakheartSpiced rum seems to be the spirit du jour, to use a vile but apposite expression given what is evidently a fashion. Of late I have reviewed Sailor Jerry and The Kraken Black Spiced Rum, and now the good people at Bacardi are promoting their version, Oakheart.

I’m a big fan of rum and have no problems with the (very traditional anyway) idea of spicing it up a bit, so welcome this trend – I’m all for complexity in the spirit world.
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Why Aren’t Men Allowed to Like Liqueurs? – Tia Maria

Drink... Taste Test: Why Aren’t Men Allowed to Like Liqueurs? – Tia MariaSaying I like the occasional liqueur feels like a confession. Blokes are not supposed to enjoy such things. Watch any television ad for them and you’ll see the target market is not fifty-something males still convinced they could play flanker for England (notice how I subtly got the manly sports mention in there?).

But why should cocktails just be ‘girly’? Or for maiden aunts?
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Corkers Crisps

Taste Test... Corkers CrispsA gourmet packet of crisps would seem an oxymoron, but it’s a term that we’re seeing more and more often these days. The question is, what criteria does the humble fried potato have to adhere to in order to attain these heady gastronomic heights?

Quality ingredients? Obviously. Enticing flavours? But of course. An attention to detail? I’d say so. State-of-the-art frying and packaging? Oh yes indeedy. Astronomic price tag? Not a bit of it... By Jove, I think I’ve found another one.
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