Mermaid Table Top Deluxe Food Warmer
Perhaps not the prettiest, but most certainly the most practical piece of tableware you’ll buy this summer

By Emily Hirschmann

With the majority of my family’s birthdays peppered throughout the warmer months (mine being the only exception *sniff*), we’ve always been fairly big on outdoor dining, from simple summer soirées, to parties and barbeques; if the weather is good you’ll usually find us out in the garden. However, despite best efforts and feats of culinary precision timing, all the experience in the world cannot vouchsafe the warmth of the repast, so it was with not a little interest that I read of Mermaid Bakeware’s most recent seasonal release – the Table Top Deluxe Food Warmer.
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Kitchenware... Mermaid Table Top Deluxe Food Warmer

Rather unassuming in appearance, this handy little appliance could make outside eating a much more enjoyable experience. Consisting of two metal trays, two tea lights (evenly spaced for functional heat distribution) and an imbedded holder for safety, the design couldn’t be more simple, leaving you the less than arduous task of lighting the candles and placing the plates. The heat of the candles radiates up, warming the crockery without overcooking your food, burning your fingers or creating a trip-hazard with trailing cables. You don’t even have the headache of searching for a plug. Although not the prettiest table-setting in the world, the Mermaid Food Warmers are quite possibly the most practical, taking up no more space than your average placemat, yet servicing a very valuable purpose.

While outdoor dining is the obvious use for the food warmers, they are also ideal for your every day ruminant eater (every family has one!), or for long evenings full of winter nibbles, rather than a standard sit-down get together.

Simple to store, easy to clean, this is one of the most useful additions my kitchen has had for a long time.

Mermaid Bakeware’s Table Top Deluxe Food Warmers begin at £21.99 and are available from

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