Stellar EaziStore Bakeware
The ultimate small kitchen storage solution

By Emily Hirschmann

I love baking, it’s one of my favourite pass-times, but like most people with tiny kitchens, storage of all the equipment is a major bugbear. I live in a home where the kitchen is a series of mini-booby-traps; shelves are over-stuffed, cupboards heaving at the seams and all available surfaces – top of the microwave, windowsill, cooker-hood – are crowned with precarious piles of paraphernalia, from herb pots to baking trays. You’d never tell to look at me, but I suspect that I might just be a bit of a logistical genius to fit it all in! But anyway, the point is that space is at an absolute premium, which is why I love my latest foodie find – the Stellar EaziStore non-stick nesting Bakeware collection.
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Kitchenware... Stellar EaziStore Bakeware

Logistical genius may just have touched the person behind this design, as well as my good self. This five piece set comprises pretty much every rectangular piece of baking equipment you could ever need, including a Roaster, 12 Cup Muffin Pan, Baking Sheet, Baking Tray and Cooling Rack, all helpfully numbered for simple nesting and taking up no more cupboard space than your everyday roasting tray. Impressive, yes? The cleverest bit is still to come however – each item is shaped so precisely that despite the compact containment, the underside of each tray does not come into contact with the cooking surface of the pan below, thus reducing the using wear inflicted during storage and helping to increase the durability of the collection.

Kitchenware... Stellar EaziStore BakewareComfortable, compact and very very handy, the Stellar EaziStore non-stick nesting Bakeware set provides the ultimate kitchen storage solution, allowing you to ‘reclaim your kitchen cupboards’... And me to find lots more things to fill them with!

The Stellar EaziStore Bakeware set is £48.00 and available from all good cook shops, as well as online at

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