VacuVin Barbeque Cooler Tray
Offering superlative serving whatever the weather

By Emily Hirschmann

Along with long lazy days, one of the perks of the summer is outdoor dining, whether a casual barbeque or a more formal affair, suppering in the sun is always a little special. The problem lies in keeping perishables fresh and tasty without frequent trips to the kitchen, and that is where the VacuVin Barbeque Cooler Tray comes into its own.
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Kitchenware... VacuVin Barbeque Cooler Tray

Although the design is simple to look at, appearing nothing more impressive than a fly-protected cheese board, the stainless steel base plate neatly hides a clever cooling element within the VacuVin Barbeque Tray, allowing you to keep your food fresh for longer. All you need to do is pop the cool pack into your freezer for a few hours before use and viola; you have yourself a helpful little serving platter with added benefits. 

While made with BBQ meat in mind, the cooler is equally ideal for summery deserts, sushi, salads, cheeses and anything else that you care to consume cool while away from your fridge.

Kitchenware... VacuVin Barbeque Cooler TrayAlthough large enough to offer utility and versatility in equal measures, the VacuVin Barbeque Cooler Tray is still small and light enough to be portable, allowing it to fit snugly in the bottom of a picnic hamper for those special alfresco occasions. Whereas the simple design makes it look just as at home on a side table serving chilled snacks and hors d’oeuvres in a warm house in winter, making it the perfect platter regardless of the season.

The VacuVin Barbeque Cooler Tray is £29.95 and available from

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