Taking the heartache out of traditional home cooking.

By Emily Hirschmann

It’s not always easy to get excited about kitchenware. You’re asked to review a new kettle or a saucepan and, really, well, it is exactly what it pretends to be and the thrills are hard to come by. Premier Houseware’s OvenLove range is a little different however, and if you enjoy home cooking, then this little lot might just stimulate your enthusiasm.
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Kitchenware... OvenLove

The concept is so simple it is difficult to believe that it has taken this long to come up with the idea; beautiful, traditional stoneware lined with Teflon non stick, creating the ultimate cooking receptacle.  Practical and efficient, this combination of materials allows you to create the perfect dish – whether sumptuously slow cooked casseroles, juicy roasts, or flans, tarts and pies – without the headache of scrubbing pans and hours of soaking once the gluttony has been done with.

Designed in Great Britain, the range consists of tangines, lidded casseroles and square, rectangular and oval oven dishes of varying sizes, and is attractively presented in burnished red and pristine white, although I believe that other colours will be shortly available. Combining classical form with cutting edge technology, OvenLove will look the part in any kitchen, whether contemporary or more traditional in appearance. Most importantly of all however, is that their performance is second to none. Heat resistant up to 280 degrees Celsius, as well as being microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, this collection is a real all-rounder; nigh-on indestructible whilst still being pleasing to look at, offering perfect presentation.

Master Chef’s Greg Wallace recently described this revolutionary range as ’Genius,’ and I can’t help but agree.

The Premier Housewares OvenLove range is available from www.Amazon.co.uk. Prices begin at £5.00.

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