Once Upon a Hand Mixer...
Open up a realm of baking possibilities with Judge’s impressive new Twin Blade Hand Mixer

By Emily Hirschmann

I do like a bit of baking... Or perhaps more to the point, I like the results of a bit of baking. Cakes and cookies, meringues and creamy tartlets; the mere thought sets my taste buds a-trembling, and making my own is really the only way to guarantee that I get exactly what I want. I must admit that I actually quite like most of the processes of baking too; all that weighing and measuring is nicely sedentary and the kneading of bread is nothing short of therapeutic, but somewhat irrationally, I find the creaming of butter and sugar maddeningly tedious and you don’t want to get me started on the topic of whipping cream, so a good hand mixer is a must in my kitchen.
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Kitchenware... Tried & Tested: Once Upon a Hand Mixer...

With a powerful 300 watt motor and comfortable thumb-operated speed control, the Judge Twin Blade Hand Mixer offers six whisk speeds as well as a turbo boost, which makes creating even the most monstrous meringue an absolute doddle. With the mixer doing all the hard work while you just hold the handle, all effort is removed with this light weight model.

As you’d probably expect, as well as the standard beater, the mixer comes complete with dough hooks, making life that little bit easier for bread bakers and giving you an excuse to experiment with new recipes – my concocted focaccia was a triumph!

Compact for simple storage, with a with a modern easy-clean design, the mixer is covered by the Judge Two Year Guarantee and is a must-have for every busy mum and would-be master chef.

The Judge Twin Blade Hand Mixer is £30 and is available from www.Amazon.co.uk

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