Give us this day our daily bread...
Get fresh bread at the touch of a button with the new Judge Digital Bread Maker

By Emily Hirschmann

Akin with many Brits, bread is my dietary downfall. Toasted, fresh, with butter, with oil dips, with soup, in sandwiches, or as a simple side, I can’t get enough of the stuff. I bake a lot of it too, from basic hedgehog rolls to fermented rustic loaves and while I hate to brag, you will never taste anything better than my personal focaccia creation. But, while I love baking – there’s nothing like pummelling a bit of dough for stress relief – like most people, I haven’t the time to do it every day, which is where the Judge Digital Bread Maker comes in.
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Kitchenware... Tried & Tested: Give us this day our daily bread...

I had a bread maker in many years ago and I really didn’t think much of it; fascinating to watch the process (it had a class panelled top), but the end result was a little like chewing on a mouthful of polystyrene... only without the flavour. Cleaning the machine after use was a little bit of a bitch too. These days, the technology behind the bread makers has come on in leaps and bounds, while the purchase price has fallen out of the ‘luxury’ bracket and into ‘affordable,’ meaning that being able to wake up to the softly wafting aroma of baking bread everyday need no longer be aspriational.

Kitchenware... Tried & Tested: Give us this day our daily bread...With a choice of loaf size, crust thickness settings and 15 pre-set functions, covering everything from a basic sandwich loaf to gluten-free, the Judge Digital Bread Maker offers you the versatility to create bespoke bread suited exactly to your needs. A 13 hour programmable timer and Keep Warm button ensures that you have fresh bread when you want it and the non-stick pan and kneading blade make for easy cleaning.

Slightly bizarrely, the Judge model also offers the ability to bake cakes and create yoghurt and jam... I can see the cake connection, but I must admit that the yoghurt has thrown me a little. However, in these days when multi-taking is king, perhaps some people will find this to be the point that seals the deal.

The Judge Digital Bread Maker retails at £79.94 and is available from

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