Corkers Crisps
As British a crisp as you’re ever likely to come across

By Emily Hirschmann

A gourmet packet of crisps would seem an oxymoron, but it’s a term that we’re seeing more and more often these days. The question is, what criteria does the humble fried potato have to adhere to in order to attain these heady gastronomic heights? Quality ingredients? Obviously. Enticing flavours? But of course. An attention to detail? I’d say so. State-of-the-art frying and packaging? Oh yes indeedy. Astronomic price tag? Not a bit of it... By Jove, I think I’ve found another one! Allow me to introduce Corkers; a thoroughly British crisping outfit delivering bags of flavour nationwide.
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Developed, grown, cooked and lovingly packaged on a farm in Cambridgeshire, Corkers offer an entirely tasty and slightly healthier version of the nation’s favourite junk food; crisps. Made using only natural ingredients, these savoury sensations are free from MSG and other commonly used artificial constituents and offer an enticing gamut of flavours covering traditional Sea Salty favourites and more original recipes, such as the sumptuous Pork Sausage and English Mustard. With the smaller 20g packets (Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar and Red Leicester & Caramelised Onion) starting at 96 calories, they can also be indulged in without too much concern for your waistline, which is always a bonus.

Perfectly cooked to present a satisfying crunch, but without the sharpness of brittle edges, Corkers crisps are a careful balance of texture and flavour. My favourite of the collection is the Thai Sweet Chilli, which has an authenticity of taste often lacking in the bags of bigger brands; slightly warming with a savoury undercurrent to steady the sugary chilli tang.

A family-run business, Corkers is the latest addition to a farm that has tilled the Cambridgeshire Fens since the 1800s, taking advantage of some of the best soil the UK has to offer. Using recycled materials where possible and contributing to two children’s charities, this is a British brand to be proud of.

Corkers Crisps are available in six flavours, with sharing bags retailing at £1.60 in stores nationwide. For more information visit:

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